Sunday, June 2, 2019

Search Engine recommendation - Goliath Search

I have just found a new search engine with a special feature - PDF search. Besides of a normal web search engine capabilities this one also able to search for PDF documents on the web - with a similar fashion

To find this search engine just click on any of the links in this article - or just google Goliath Search.

Read more about this search engine...

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

"The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul"

That is how the age old saying goes! Eyes are the most beautiful part of a human being. And our Bollywood celebs are born beautiful. Needless to say, they have very beautiful eyes! But some celebs are born with naturally coloured eyes that make them stand out from the others!

We are sure that you know of the celebs who are born with naturally coloured eyes! But do you know who they are and what are the colour of their eyes.

Best Luxury Cruise Deal for this Winter...

Are you trying to get away from the cold and dark winter to refresh for the next year?
MSC Crusies will help you to get away ;)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Top 10 Consumer Technology Search trends in 2017

Guess what - we found the Top ten most popular items that was searched for in 2017. For the best prices you can try Shopiction - The Shopping Search Engine in case you don't want to miss out the best deal ;): So the list as follows:

 1 - iPhone 8
 2 - iPhone X
 3 - Nintendo Switch
 4 - Samsung Galaxy S8
 5 - Xbox One X
 6 - Nokia 3310 (That is probably a mistake - 3310 was a great phone...20 years ago lol)
 7 - Razer Phone
 8 - Oppo F5
 9 - OnePlus 5
 10 - Nokia 6

Nokia 3310

We have gathered this list from Google Trends - these are Global trends - which makes me think that Nokia 3310 is actually still being very heavily used in certain developing countries...or even developed ones...

30 new likes of Shopiction

After a quick post of Shopiction website we received 30 new likes on Facebook. Looks like the site is getting a bit of an exposure these days - hopefully it will provide everyone with more up to dat products with more reasonable reasonable prices than its major competitors. Off you go Shopiction :D

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Shopiction is in the Windows Store

As of today Shopiction, the Shopping Search Engine can also be found in the Windows Store. Well, at this very moment the application is still udner review, but let's hope we will see it there shortly. Will keep you posted on this matter.

November 2018 - Search Result Summary of Shopiction

Well, this is it. Taking a look into Shopiction's main search queries in November, 2018 we have come across with the following results:
As you can see people were mainly interested in anti-virus products for some reason - perhaps there were a computerized outbreak in this recent weeks?

All in all - we endeavour to provide you with a monthly summary what happened on Shopiction. Our site is very small compared to big players such as eBay, Amazon and the rest - but we often have the same products for a fraction of the price. Or not...:)

Still, whatever reason you have it always worth to try to search on Shopiction if you don't find the right price for the product you are crawing for!